Saraswati Sangeet Mahavidhalaya
Vocal Music Institute India

2 years

  • Jr. Diploma in Vocal Music
  • Jr. Diploma in Instrumental Music
  • Jr. Diploma in Light Music

4 Years

6 Years

  • Sangeet Prabhakar in Vocal Music (B.A.)
  • Sangeet Prabhakar in Instrumental Music (B.A.)

8 Years

  • Sangeet Praveen in  Vocal Music (M.A.)
  • Sangeet Praveen in Instrumental Music (M.A.)

Short term Courses Conducted for two months with basics of music to perform

  • Bhajans
  • Gurbani Shabad

Special Classes for School Music Teachers

  • Patriotic songs (Desh Bhakti Geet)
  • Morrning Prayers (Prathana)

Instumental Casio\Synthesiser


Music Teachers\painting Teachers

We are also conducting exams for outsiders how are learning music or painting some where else can give exams at are institute and get certified from an affiliated university.